Monday 5/14/18 Daily Announcements



  • If you need Accuplacer study materials, they are outside of Ms. Becker’s office. Please feel free to come up and grab one before or after school.





  • The Varsity Tennis Team travels today to play a 4pm match at South HS. Players should report to WTHS at 3pmto board the bus and be ready to play.

Good Luck!


College or Career Prep:


  • Seniors!!  You must let your Guidance Counselors know what college you have decided on and where you will be attending in the fall or what other post graduate plans you have as soon as possible.  There will be a sheet for you to sign in each Guidance Office.


  • Attention Seniors:

There are numerous scholarship opportunities available to you. Please see your Guidance Counselor or Mrs. Curtis in the 318 Guidance Office for information and details. Don’t miss out on these great opportunity!!!

  1.  Price Chopper
  2. Alpha Delta Kappa – for students pursuing a degree in Education
  3. Grand Lodge Knights  Scholarship – recognizing community service
  4. the 365Z Foundation “Making a Difference with Kindness
  1. John F. Simoncini Scholarship. Applicant or parent must be a member of the Worcester Credit Union.




Congratulations to the North HS NJROTC for receiving the “Unit Achievement Award” from the area manager for the 3rd year in a row! Unit Achievement is awarded to the unit which has demonstrated significant success over the past year based on all factors of the program. North NJROTC was in the top 30 of 60 units and 1 out of 11 to win this award. Great job Cadets!!


Important policy reminders:


  • With the nice weather approaching please make sure we are adhering to the dress policy. Shirts shouldn’t contain any midriffs, shorts/skirts should come down to the longest finger and crop tops shouldn’t be worn.


  • The only bathroom open during 5th period will be on the third floor.  Students should only be using the bathroom in the cafeteria if it is their assigned lunch period.  Unless it is an emergency, students should be waiting to use the bathroom during their lunch period.


  • Students should not have backpacks in classrooms. All backpacks should be placed in lockers.


  • Bathrooms for 7th period:  During 7th period, the bathrooms will only be open from 1:08-1:28 (20 minutes).


  • Please remember that the 10-10 rule must be followed at all times.  This means that students should not be leaving the classroom to go anywhere (with the exception of the nurse in emergencies) until 10 minutes after the bell rings for the start of the period and passes to leave the classroom should stop 10 minutes before the class period ends.


  • Any student who rides a bus must have their bus pass every day. Also, remember riding the bus is a privilege. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules can have the privilege revoked. Please respect this rule. Also, temporary bus passes can only be fixed during 6th


  • Please make sure you are following the WPS rules as it relates to cell phone usage. The use of cell phones is not permitted during the school day. Anyone who is in violation of this rule will have their cell phone taken away for the day. If it is a 1st offense you will be able to get it back at the end of the day. Any offense after that will require a parent/guardian to pick up the phone. We are asking that you please respect this rule, and help for us to provide a productive learning environment for all.

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