Tuesday April 24, 2018 Daily Announcements




  • If you need Accuplacer study materials, they are outside of Ms. Becker’s office. Please feel free to come up and grab one before or after school.




  • Congratulations goes out to the varsity Softball team and Crystal Quang for there first win this season yesterday against Saint Mary’s. Our bats finally came alive with a Home Run By Daneyris Sanchez and many other girls such as Natalie Centeno and Maria Nowak with multiple hits! Maria also stepped up playing first base exceptionally well and sealing some outs! Come see the girls take on Sizer Wednesday and Abbey Kelly Friday here at home!



College or Career Prep:


  • A representative from Lincoln Technical Institute will be visiting North on April 26th at 9 a.m.  You must be in 11th or 12th grade to attend.  You must see GEAR UP for a pass if interested.  Teachers have final authority on if a student can miss class to attend the presentation.  Once again, please see GEAR UP for more information.


  • Seniors!!  You must let your Guidance Counselors know what college you have decided on and where you will be attending in the fall or what other post graduate plans you have as soon as possible.  There will be a sheet for you to sign in each Guidance Office.



  • Worcester State University is offering a summer Dual Enrollment opportunity for juniors and Seniors with a 3.0 Grade Point Average.  The course, Environmental Science begins on May 21 and runs through June 29. There is NO COST.  See your Guidance Counselor for details.


  • Attention Seniors:

There are numerous scholarship opportunities available to you. Please see your Guidance Counselor or Mrs. Curtis in the 318 Guidance Office for information and details. Don’t miss out on these great opportunity!!!

  1.  Price Chopper
  2. Alpha Delta Kappa – for students pursuing a degree in Education
  3. Grand Lodge Knights  Scholarship – recognizing community service
  4. the 365Z Foundation “Making a Difference with Kindness
  1. Please announce the John F. Simoncini Scholarship. Applicant or parent must be a member of the Worcester Credit Union. Please see your Guidance Counselor for the application.
  2. Massport’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion/Compliance will once again award multiple $2, 000 scholarships as a part of the “Diversity STEM Scholarship” program.

This program is open to all graduating minority high school seniors from Massport’s neighboring communities interested in pursuing a degree that could be utilized in the Transportation Industry.

Submission information and essays MUST be received by Massport no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, May 4, 2018.






  • We continue our pennies for patients/leukemia society fundraiser is still going on through next week. The money you are raising will help fund research in 7 different countries. This re4search specifically targets leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. We are proud to be a part of that research. Please continue to donate your spare change to Pennies of Patients. Thank you for your continued support.


  • Attention Seniors!!

    Prom tickets will go on sale beginning this Friday in Room 413 during 4th period or afer school ONLY!

    You must have your guest present in order to purchase 2 tickets. If your guest isn’t a North High student you must have an approved form at the time of purchase.

    Prom tickets are NOT refundable and cannot be sold or transferred. If a ticket is sold or transferred it will not be valid and the ticket holder will not get into prom.


  • We have extend the Prom dress distribution through April 27th. This will happen Wednesday – Friday, during lunch only. Anyone interested in a dress please talk to Ms. Delgado, Ms. Latino or Mrs. Link. All dresses and accessories are FREE!!


  • Please support Worcester’s Book Drive. Worcester is looking to collect over 30, 000 book to distribute to children this year for summer reading. New or gently used books can be put into the donation box in each secretary office on each floor. The Book Drive will run until May 16th


  • The North High student council will be sponsoring the annual spring blood drive next Tuesday in the gym. Please consider signing up to donate the gift of life.  Student council representatives will be handing out appointment cards at all lunches this week.  Any student age 17 or older can donate blood, anyone 16 year olds will also need a parent permission form.


  • The Junior Class will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts from Monday, April 23rd- Wednesday, May 9th. They are selling a box of 12 donuts for $10. Please see a junior class officer or stop by room 411 before or after schoolto purchase donuts.


  • Thank you to all of the Avid & National Honor Society students who participated in W4W on April 14th. The students cleaned Blackstone Park, Major Stuart Drive, and Tom Ash field. Thank you for being a great representative of NHS!!




Important policy reminders:


  • The only bathroom open during 5th period will be on the third floor.  Students should only be using the bathroom in the cafeteria if it is their assigned lunch period.  Unless it is an emergency, students should be waiting to use the bathroom during their lunch period.


  • Bathrooms for 7th period:  During 7th period, the bathrooms will only be open from 1:08-1:28 (20 minutes).


  • No movement 7th period means no lockers, no water, no traveling to other classes


  • Wooden passes should only be used to access the bathrooms.  Green passes should be used for all other situations.  Only one student should be allowed out of a classroom at a time.


  • Please remember that the 10-10 rule must be followed at all times.  This means that students should not be leaving the classroom to go anywhere (with the exception of the nurse in emergencies) until 10 minutes after the bell rings for the start of the period and passes to leave the classroom should stop 10 minutes before the class period ends.


  • Any student who rides a bus must have their bus pass every day. Also, remember riding the bus is a privilege. Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules can have the privilege revoked. Please respect this rule. Also, temporary bus passes can only be fixed during 6th
  • Students are not allowed to sell candy or any other food items during the school day. This is a public health risk that could have serious repercussions. Students who are seen selling or purchasing any food or candy during the school day will face suspension. The only exception to this rule is for fundraisers supervised by a staff member during lunches


  • Please make sure you are following the WPS rules as it relates to cell phone usage. The use of cell phones is not permitted during the school day. Anyone who is in violation of this rule will have their cell phone taken away for the day. If it is a 1st offense you will be able to get it back at the end of the day. Any offense after that will require a parent/guardian to pick up the phone. We are asking that you please respect this rule, and help for us to provide a productive learning environment for all.

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